Impact-R in Evaluation of Platelet Reactivity in Metabolic Syndrome

Along with other laboratory equipment, the Impact-R has been used in a study by Vaduqanathan, to evaluate platelet reactivity in patients with metabolic syndrome.

Metabolic syndrome is a combination of several medical conditions that increase the risk for developing cardiovascular disease and diabetes mellitus. It is also known as Syndrome X, insulin resistance syndrome, and Reaven’s syndrome.

The diagnostic criteria for metabolic syndrome (as defined by International Diabetes Foundation) includes central obesity with any two of the following:

–          Raised triglycerides

–          Reduced HDL cholesterol

–          Raised blood pressure

–          Raised fasting plasma glucose

Metabolic syndrome is associated with a prothrombotic state and platelet reactivity can therefore be considered a result. The study by Vaduqanathan, evaluated the platelet reactivity of patients with metabolic syndrome and their response to aspirin. They concluded that metabolic syndrome increases baseline platelet reactivity and lowers platelet response to aspirin.

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